How to beat stress and keep the mind healthy

The British Safety Council has launched a series of wellbeing videos containing exercises and advice to help workers beat stress and maintain good mental health to coincide with the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, which takes place from 13 – 19 May. The British Safety Council is urging employers to make changes in order to address mental wellbeing. With the aim to reduce the number of people suffering in silence while at work, it has launched a series of practical tools to help them deal with stress and anxiety at work.

It is doing this in the form of three videos, which are based on tried-and-tested wellbeing techniques and exercises that encourage staff to relax in order to alleviate racing thoughts associated with stress and anxiety. They also encourage physical activity at work. Matthew Holder, Head of Campaigns at the British Safety Council, said: “Emotional resilience is important because it improves effectiveness at work. However, it also helps people gain greater immunity from certain illnesses. By making these exercises part of their daily routine, employees should be able to improve their wellbeing and resilience to stress.”

The three videos are focused around Breathing, visualisation and chair exercises. Breathing exercises slow the overall activity of the brain and relax the body and mind with the aim of controlling stress and anxiety.