Keynote Speaker

Darren Bedson MPSA - Managing Direct BPA Services Limited

Darren has a wealth of experience in various sectors of industry where he provides a common sense but, results proven approach to health and safety.

He is an active member of the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health peer review interview panel acting as both a panel member and chairperson. In addition to his he undertakes a Nebosh Examiners role marking Nebosh examination papers.

Health and Safety is a simple process to understand if explained without baffling the audience with regulatory spiel. Darren prefers the simplified approach of explaining the process but from an everyday mind-set which all people can understand whether they are safety professionals or have no knowledge of health and safety. 

When booking a session with Darren you will need to identify what you wish to acheive from it and what standard of understanding the audience members have.

Darren's approach to all these speaking deliveries is to make it enjoyable, not to scare the attendees about health & safety but, at the same time making sure that everyone goes away from the session knowing what they need to do to ensure compliance and how it can easily be acheived by using the two following processes:

                                   1. Keep it Simple

                                   2. Use Common Sense

All bookings are taken via the contacts route on this website where confirmation of your booking will be given once the process is complete. Upon request we will send you a booking form to complete and provide costs for the booking. 


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